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Motorcycle Medics

Safety First is currently accepting MC Medical Escort Services applications for the 2023 riding year. Upon approval of your clubs application safety First will provide paid or volunteer Medical Escorts on the day of your ride.

Safety First Motorcycle Medics are available at rides to provide volunteer Emergency Medical assistance or advice as needed. Every MC hopes for good weather and a safe ride but may not get one or the other on the day of your ride. Safety First Motorcycle Medics cannot control the weather or your riders on the day of a ride but can provide assistance if a medical emergency occurs.

Safety First Motorcycle Medics will volunteer their services at no cost to MC clubs that are charitable in nature and are a registered 501c3.  For all other clubs low cost services are available.  Safety First Motorcycle Medics will not accept payment for any Emergency Medical Services rendered at an event. If your club is interested in having Medical Escort Services at your next ride please contact us for an application.

Motorcycle Medic Photos

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