Safety First

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The Rescue Squad is funded by community donations. We are a community-based organization that is dedicated to serving our neighbors when they need us most. Every penny that is donated to us goes towards the operation of the Rescue Squad (vehicles, emergency medical supplies and equipment) and the care of our patients.

Being the best, means having the best, most reliable equipment. One of the most necessary expenses is capital equipment. After logging hundreds of miles, repairs and maintenance of our vehicles are needed to keep our crews and patients safe.

With the safety of our patients and staff always being the highest priority, we constantly maintain our emergency response vehicles and equipment to be ready for immediate emergency response. Our equipment is the most integral part to fulfill our responsibility to provide professional, patient centered, pre-hospital emergency care.

A meaningful way to support the Rescue Squad is by committing to make a monthly contribution, which can easily be established via reoccurring credit card payments.

Donors wishing to send a donation check, may do so by sending it via USPS.

Safety First Rescue Squad
247 Ellery Avenue
Newark, NJ 07106

All donations to the Rescue Squad are used for operating costs such as equipment, and vehicle maintenance and purchases. 

There are no salaries paid to Rescue Squad members.