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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all of your members volunteers?
Yes, all members of the Vailsburg Rescue Squad are volunteers.

Q: What is the level of training of your squad members?
All Crew Chiefs and most of our members providing direct patient care are certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). At present, the curriculum for the EMT program is approximately 225 hours. EMTs are also required to re-certify every three years. All members are Certified First Responders with additional certification in Healthcare Provider CPR & AED (Automatic External Defibrillator).  

Q: My neighbor needed an ambulance. Why did two ambulances arrive to the house?
What you probably saw was a BLS ambulance and Paramedic Unit. In New Jersey, paramedics, who are hospital-based, sometimes use large SUVs or ambulances. Sometimes referred to as MICU (Mobile Intensive Care Units), these vehicles and the paramedics who operate them are an extension of the hospital’s emergency room.

Q: I saw an ambulance crew transport a patient why didn't I see the paramedics?
This was probably because the Paramedics were not needed. Each patient’s need is different. It’s very likely the patient’s need did not require that type of medical attention. It is also possible that the ambulance crew could have been on their way to rendezvous with paramedics, on their way to the hospital.

Q: Who makes the determination for the need of paramedics?
There are very specific protocols that spell out the need for paramedics. When someone calls 911, the dispatcher can quickly determine the need for paramedics, based upon the nature of the injury/illness/event. Additionally, the ambulance crew can also request paramedics, should the crew determine there is a need or the episode worsens.

Q: Besides answering emergency calls, what other activities do you do?
There are lots of activities in addition to answering emergency calls. The members of the Vailsburg Rescue Squad are members of your community. We offer free CPR and First Aid classes to the residents of Vailsburg. Look for us providing stand-by medical services at local sporting events, parades, races, National Night Out, and more! We also provide escort services for motorcycle runs.

Q: How can I join the Rescue Squad? What is the time requirement?
We are always looking for members to join our ranks. Our senior membership (aged 18 and over) is expected to obtain EMT certification within the first year of joining, and the time commitment is approximately 15 hours a week. Our cadet program for high school students has a time commitment of approximately 6 hours a week, with a 6-7 week training period prior to membership. In addition to the duty requirement, for all members, there are meetings to attend, training drills, and care and maintenance of our building and vehicles.

Q: I don’t want to provide medical care but I want to help. What can I do?
We are looking for people with certain skills to assist, such as mechanics, accountants, attorneys, and more. If you think you might have skills that can help us, give us a call!

The Safety First Vailsburg Rescue Squad has been endorsed by New Jersey Senator Ronald Rice, Newark Councilman Joseph McCallum and the Ivy Hill Neighborhood Association.