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Today there is strong need to prevent potential liability as well as a need for positive public relations; Safety First is committed to providing the best level of care at affordable rates. With an on-staff physician, specialized equipment and our highly trained pre-hospital staff, no company is better suited to provide standby medical services for your event or workplace

We offer several types of medical teams to meet the exact needs of your event. We can help you evaluate your individual needs in order to provide you with professional, and cost-effective, on-site care. We can meet the needs of any special event, sporting event, concerts and Motion Pictures from 20 to 20,000 people to using skilled medical professionals.

Your business is unique. We can customize a medical coverage program for your unique event or venue. Our team of professionals can design a medical coverage plan for your event today!

Safety First provides trained and certified staff for on-site pre-hospital medical care. We can provide many levels of care from single EMT”s to full medical teams comprised of many types of professional personnel such as:

Our on-site services are available for any indoor or outdoor event and we can provide:

  • 24 Hour / 365 day medical standby services
  • Reports for every patient treated
  • First Aid Posts
  • Multiple types of Response Units
  • Required Medical equipment

Basic First Aid Station - We can set up a first aid station just about anywhere. Our station will be staffed to meet your individual needs.

We can provide the following:

  1. Emergency OTC Medications
  2. First aid kits
  3. Trained EMT’s/Paramedics

Advanced First Aid Station

All the above plus.

  • Trained Emergency Physician
  • Complete set of emergency drugs and disposable IV fluids. Onsite AED and Advance Life Support care
  • Oxygen and airway adjuncts

Basic Life Support Medical Team - This team comprised of Emergency Medical Technicians, have the skills and equipment to provide you with Basic Life Support. Capabilities include: basic airway management, oxygen delivery, bandaging, spine stabilization, splinting of extremities, monitoring vital signs, and administering CPR.

Advanced Life Support Medical Team - This team is comprised of Doctors and Paramedics who are certified and equipped to provide BLS capabilities, as well as: advanced airway management, cardiac monitoring and defibrillation, IV administration, administer lifesaving drugs, and handle severe medical emergencies.

Set Medic - Production companies often need EMS personnel on site for movies and commercials due to the risk of injury during stunt work, rigging, and aerial work. Our staff has the experience and knowledge necessary to handle any type of situation that may occur during film shoots.

Mountain Bike and Motorcycle Teams - Do you have a large area to cover? Our bike teams are a perfect solution. Our Mountain Bikes and Motorcycles are equipped to handle any type of emergency and provide a rapid response though congested areas.

Watercraft Medic- A specially trained, dive/rescue certified EMT, with equipment on-board your watercraft, can provide a rapid response to water incidents. Our staff can provide medical coverage for any type of water related event.

Above are brief descriptions of our services. We have many resources available to assist you with your event. Whatever the event from the smallest to the largest we can assist you with planning, staffing, coordination, and management. If you're planning an event and need some help, or would like to simply talk to one of our trained staff please feel free to call us.

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