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Summer Camp Safety

Providing Everything You Need For a Safer Summer


Running a summer camp is hard enough.  Finding Safety Training for your summer camp staff should be a breeze.  With Safety First there is no hassle in getting your staff trained.  Our on-site training programs are perfect for your needs.  Whether your staff needs CPR & First Aid or Lifeguard Training, we have you covered.  We offer Traditional, Intensive and Blended Learning programs for your camp staff.

Traditional training involves a trainer and students learning and practicing skills for a traditional number of hours.  Classes may be held in one day or broken up over several days or even weeks.  

Intensive courses are run in shorter times.  For example, the Lifeguard Training Course can be run over several weeks in a Traditional format.  In the Intensive format the course can be completed in three to four days.

Blended learning allows the students to be Self Directed using course materials, sent to you in advance, at their own pace.  When all course material has been reviewed by the students the Instructor will arrive at your location to complete the training process and evaluate the students in as little as an hour.  The Instructor can also provide a brief review session prior to evaluation if requested.  

LGT training
cpr class.jpg

Safety First will supply the manikins, books, tests and other course materials needed for the courses.  The cost of the programs includes all materials and issuing of certifications. 

The courses will be taught at your institution in a time frame that best suits your needs. Upon completion of the courses all participants who have met the requirements will be certified.  

All Safety First Instructors hold certificates from the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety & Health Institute and the National Safety Council allowing us to provide you course completion cards through the agency of your choosing.

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